Por que sera que la vida parece ser mas lenta y pausada aca?
Me escribio un amigo con el que recorrimos Noruega

que pasa, cabron?

where have u been? how is life treating u at the moment?

school? job? girls? soccer? trips? tell me about u.

I am fine. At a glance, I am working at American Express Brasil, moved out from my Mom´s and I am living w/ my girlfriend who came from the US (remeber the story?)

I am happy, but life is hectic again since I am back to the metropolis. But I think we should try to keep in touch. Look, this week they will finally give me a computer at AMEX so I will email u my job @ address.

I read that Chile is doing fairly well at the qualifying. Brasil with Parreira makes me sleep. B-o-r-i-n-g. And we have 4 of the top 10 players....U know what? Why don´t we make a bet for Chile x Brasil. A bottle of Pisco or Cachaça. What do u think?

I got my pictures from Europe developped just recently. I know, shame on me, but I had no money. Now I am doing a big work on them, scanning to everybody, puttung them on the wall, filing them in albuns, etc. huge work, almost 1000 pics including my stay in the US. So I am emailing u 5 of us. 3 now and 2 after this message (yahoo sucks).

Talking about American Express, I am already planning my vacation time. I wanna rent a jeep and drive to Titicaca - Machu Pichu - Atacama - Santiago - Buenos Aires - Iguaçu waterfalls - São Paulo in January/February 2004. As I know u´ve done a similar trip, your inputs are more than welcome. Do u think it´s possible?

Well, man, I gotta go. Please keep in touch and think about the bet....

Saludos desde Sao Paulo,

Hasta antes de este post, voy a recopilar y crear un documento legible (word o pdf) para publicar en algun momento.

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